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A bootcamp in small business ownership and practice management for dentists, giving the new graduate a roadmap to successful practice ownership. We interview the best dentists, experts, consultants and more on our weekly show. Here's the topics we will be covering in our 8 Seasons: 1. First Years as a Dentist 2. Think Like a Business Owner 3. Money and Numbers 4. Startups, Acquisitions, and Partnerships 5. Internal Systems 6. Marketing & Growth 7. Leadership, Vision and Culture 8. Beyond Dentistry Go to to get our PDF roadmap of these 8 Seasons.
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Jun 23, 2017

Show Notes


Welcome to another episode of the Shared Practices Podcast! We invited dental consultant Marie Chatterley onto the show to talk with us about all things insurance. “Who wants to listen to people talking about insurance?” we can hear you thinking, but trust us - you don’t want to miss Marie’s advice about transitioning into a practice the right way. We talk a lot about insurance credentialing (what it is and when to get it), handling patient communication issues about insurance participation, and wrap up the show with a discussion about PPOs and Delta in particular. This is a content-heavy episode so get ready to dive deep into the world of handling insurance during a transition!


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FAQs about Insurance Credentialing from

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Guest Bio:


Marie Chatterley has been consulting in the dental industry since 2003. She specializes in coaching doctors through major career transitions such as buying a dental practice, starting one from scratch, or finding a dental associate position. Marie received her undergraduate degree in Public Relations and Marketing from Brigham Young University. Her graduate work and research at Regis University was focused specifically on the business start-ups process (examples: market and demographic research, business plan development, effective marketing strategies, real estate negotiations, and legal issues with hiring and retaining employees).