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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Sep 8, 2017

Multi-practice owner and transition specialist Dr. Brady Frank joins us to provide new insight on analyzing potential practices. While many of our previous guests have focused on finding the largest practice with reproducible production, Dr. Frank suggests looking for low producing offices and quickly ramping up production, infusing the practice with equity. You will learn how to find these practices, what to look for and the many exit options available. Dr. Frank also has an amazing opportunity that he is opening up to everyone who listens to this podcast. Don’t miss it!


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Dr. Frank has been a multiple practice owner for 15 years and has been teaching Phasing Out and Expansion strategies to dentists for over 9 years.  Dr. Frank is the Founder of OsteoReady Implant Solutions.  Dr. Frank and his wife of 11 years live in Oregon with their 3 boys. Dr. Frank is a sought-after speaker and educator, and has addressed thousands of dentists at major dental meetings and events throughout the country. Between his experience as a speaker, teacher, clinician and innovator, Dr. Frank is an invaluable figure in the field of implant dentistry for both the dentist and the patient.