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Aug 22, 2017

Justin talks to us about how to develop ourselves into the best leaders we can be. He takes us through the 15 things that we can do to improve our leadership ability. A quote that came up in the conversation was “The true measurement of leadership is influence”. As Dentists we have the ability to influence our patients into healthier lifestyles. As practice owners we have the ability to influence our staff’s feelings of fulfillment in their work. This episode with Dr. Short not only helps us to become better leaders but illuminates the ways in which being a good leader can promote a healthy and productive practice.


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Dr. Justin Short has a highly successful practice, Des Peres Dentistry in St. Louis.  He inspires other dentists to design their practice to serve their life.  The Lifestyle Practice helps dentists build practices where they work less, profit more, and get to finally enjoy the lifestyle they deserve!