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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Aug 29, 2017

The miniseries just got real! Dr. Justin Short and ‘G-Unit’ dive into the topic of staff management. You will learn how Justin successfully created a top tier, cross-trained staff while keeping his employee overhead at just 20%. Other topics that come up are getting the right team on the bus, turning 8’s into 10’s, frontloading your staff training, the hiring process, correcting sub-par behavior quickly and holding your team accountable. You want great content? You got it in this episode!


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Dr. Justin Short has a highly successful practice, Des Peres Dentistry in St. Louis.  He inspires other dentists to design their practice to serve their life.  The Lifestyle Practice helps dentists build practices where they work less, profit more, and get to finally enjoy the lifestyle they deserve!

Doreen gunder
a year and a half ago

The 1st 4 episodes were excellent. Will there be any more?