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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Sep 12, 2017

We pick our discussion from last time with Dr. Justin Short on how to create that amazing patient experience in your office. The episode starts with when the patient first steps through the door. Dr. Short shows us how to differentiate your office from the competition with a little bit of outside the box thinking. We also learn about Justin’s 100% treatment acceptance strategy. We love Justin because he always gives us the straight answer even if it’s an unpopular one and this is the way he approaches his interactions with his patients as well. Honesty and forthrightness are the themes of this episode and taking these ideas seriously will pay dividends now and in the future. We certainly learned a lot this episode and we know you will too.

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Dr. Justin Short has a highly successful practice, Des Peres Dentistry in St. Louis.  He inspires other dentists to design their practice to serve their life.  The Lifestyle Practice helps dentists build practices where they work less, profit more, and get to finally enjoy the lifestyle they deserve!