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Jan 5, 2018

In season 2 episode 35, George interviews Sandy Pardue, a seasoned practice consultant from Classic Practice Resources, who gives an energetic, information packed episode. Sandy has worked with a few of the dental legends, including Scott Leune, and her experience goes back for more than 25 years. She gives many pearls for practice transitions. The range of topics go from how important systems are, setting clear expectations for new team members, and tips to maximizing the front desk - from telephone tips, to recall management, a patient reactivation project, and broken appointments. Sit back for this one -- it’s a good one!


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Sandy Pardue, Senior Consultant and Lecturer,  specializes in growing practices and de-stressing practice owners for over 25 years. As one of the industry’s leading authorities on team training, organization systems, processes, and most importantly RESULTS. Her years of consulting and speaking experience gives her a unique advantage and understanding of what it takes to motivate teams and create organized, productive practices with less stress for the practice owner.