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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Feb 22, 2019

This episode of Shared Practices has previously aired on the Dentalpreneur podcast and sees Richard talking to Mark Costes and Alastair MacDonald following the Voices of Dentistry conference.

Dr. Costes is founder of the Dental Success Institute, a company committed to helping dentists to achieve their full potential,...

Feb 15, 2019

This Week’s episode guests a returning friend of the show Kiera Dent. Kiera is the owner and founder of Dental Placement Pros and Kiera's Dental Consulting. She is partner in Zen Dental Supplies, consults in 50 client offices nationwide, recruits for over 60 dental offices nationwide and owns multiple dental offices.

Feb 8, 2019

Dr. Chris Bowman is a full-time practicing dentist, speaker, author, and dental coach from Charlotte, North Carolina. A graduate of the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill School of Dentistry, he started Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte in 1996. A consummate student of business systems, communications...

Feb 1, 2019

This week on Shared Practices we are joined by Laura and Michael from Wonderist. Wonderist Agency was started by Laura Maly at a kitchen table in Los Angeles as a small, one-woman marketing consulting group. Two years later, it got wings when Michael joined the team, and a full-service agency was born. Since then,...