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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Apr 30, 2021

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Suzanne's longtime friend and colleague Clint Johnson joins us. CEO and owner of Profitable PPO's, we consider Clint to be *the* "insurance guru". Having helped providers save millions of dollars, Clint talks the most profitable way to...

Apr 28, 2021

Tyler and Payton bust open the ol' Shared Practices mail bag. Long overdue for a Q&A, these two explore Tyler's dental school journey: the hardest parts of dental school, why and when Tyler joined Shared Practices, and how failure and angst fuels is our fuel.

Apr 26, 2021

Richard takes an important tangent from our season on Growth as he and David Cohen talk about buying and selling practices. David is the managing partner at Cohen Law Firm with physical offices in Dallas and Seattle. He has experience representing dentists small and large; those doing startups and acquisitions....

Apr 23, 2021

To be an anonymous guest on Practice Under Water, contact

After buying the ancient monolith practice with two docs, two hygiene, two assistants, and three at the front desk, our man Dr. T has his work cut out for him. With the tasks ahead of updating a LOT of old equipment and getting new...

Apr 21, 2021

Before coming on the show, our guest Hannah Glazunov copied Tyler's mailer and sent it out to over 600 dentists outside Portland. Having already put in her letter of intent one of the practices, she recruits Tyler and Payton to help poke and prod at her new practice. What concerns do they find? After going full...