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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Feb 28, 2022

To be an anonymous guest on Practice Under Water, contact

Even with the most accurate information, you’re always going to lose patients out the “back door” during any transition. Suzanne introduces us to our guest Dr. Tune Town. He didn’t get the practice he thought he was buying....

Feb 25, 2022

To kick off TPO’s new Mastermind Conversations segment, Andrew and Steven bring on guest Aaron Miller! Aaron was a longtime TPO host back in the day and he’s now one of our mastermind members. As a D4, he shares his experience as he prepares for graduating, the results of sending out mailers, and where he falls on...

Feb 21, 2022

To learn more about Bulletproof Dental Practice, or listen to their podcast, check out

They have a summit on June 3-4 in Nashville, TN


Check availability for Shared Practices’ Analytics-based Office Management: March 25-26th.




Feb 18, 2022

You've found *the* practice. You want to send a Letter of Intent to a seller. What do you need to do before? What about after? After sending an LOI, it's go time. DEA numbers, NPI's, lease terms, insurance credentialing, and of course: LLC. If you're confused, good. Give this a listen! Andrew and Steven bring us up to...

Feb 14, 2022

Our team members *want* to be really good at their job. They want to feel competent and confident; like nothing surprises them and they know how to handle tough situations. But sometimes their roles and responsibilities are left unclear--FOR YEARS! Richard and Caitlin finally give us the R&R's the front office needs...