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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Mar 28, 2022

Today, listeners are a fly on the wall of what is essentially an actual mastermind meeting. Richard leads the discussion between actual owners Todd Haskin, Derek Green, and Chris Vanderpool. Each new owner gives nightmare stories, and success strategies. We talk moving into new real estate, finding solid associates, and...

Mar 25, 2022

Our guest’s journey is similar to that of many of our listeners. We’re reminded that, for so many of us, EQUITY in a dental practice—even if it substantially increases your debt—is the best way to pay off student loan debt, and reliably build net worth. Reality is more forgiving than a negative mindset.


Mar 21, 2022

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Suzanne and Richard share the best moments from recent live events. Plus we share the common journey every one of our clients shares, WHY we developed our Analytics-based Office Management education, the challenges (and solutions) you’ll face after the event when you’re back at...

Mar 18, 2022

As Steven starts pitching audience questions to Matt Ford, Matt hits home runs of information every time. Listen up as we talk about differences between rural vs urban non-competes, acquisition metrics & red flags, solo vs group practice management philosophies, buying right out of school, and so much more. 


Mar 14, 2022

You’ll wanna share this episode. We learn the about evolution of George’s and Alex’s thoughts on real estate, leaving room to physically grow your office, and revisiting the mere industry-standard advice we gave in Season 2.


Listen up because this is now THE episode for real estate considerations.


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