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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Mar 8, 2019

This week’s guest is Dr. Martin Mendelson from Spear Education, Dr. Mendelson is a Spear Resident Faculty member and Spear’s Executive Vice President of Client Services. He is also the host of Spear Seminars and the Spear Summit. Dr. Mendelson has contributed to leading industry publications, is a voting member of the ADA Standards Committee for CAD/CAM in Dentistry and has lectured nationally and internationally on color science and dentist/technician communications.

In this interview, Richard and Martin cover a lot of the aspects of how to properly utilise working with a specialist, from a GP’s perspective and vice versa. They cover what you can gain by becoming a specialist, or working with one, and the benefits you will see from expanding your skillset. Martin talks about some of the nuances of communication between GP and specialist, and how it relates to the patient and their perspective. Martin also discusses how to deal with referrals properly and what results you can expect to see.


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:: Topic  Time  Codes ::


00:00 – 03:24   Episode introduction with Richard.


05:10 – 07:50   Introducing Martin, how he got involved with Spear and what he does.


07:51 – 13:46   Realising your limits, what you can learn from having a specialty and the benefits of an interdisciplinary team.


13:47 – 18:33   how can working with a specialist directly improve your case acceptance.


18:34 – 22:20   How would Martin advise someone goes about expanding their skillset through specialisation.


22:21 – 24:57   Martin gives Richard feedback on his attempt at his communication technique.


24:58 – 28:12   The communication skills you pick up working with a specialist and how it can affect your referrals.


29:27 – 34:42   What options does a specialist have to go about improving case acceptance and what results you can expect.


34:43 – 37:00   How can a specialist start to help their GP with clinical education.


37:01 – 40:34   Building a relationship with your GP, and what specific techniques does Martin recommend for being more efficient with your discussions.


40:35 – 44:23   How practice capacity determines your growth, and the importance of scheduling independence.


44:24 – 48:40   Professional Relationship Directors, do you need to hire one? What traits to look for.


48:41 – 49:49   Final thoughts with Martin.


49:50 – 51:00   Outro with Richard.