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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Mar 29, 2019

Download the guide Dr. Banchik used to analyze practices in her area


Dr. Banchik is committed to treating all of her patients like members of her family – with individualized attention and a great concern for the patients comfort. Her specialized education combined with broad experience provides her patients with state of the art, personalized dental care. As an active member of several dental organizations, Dr. Banchik is at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry.

In this interview, Dr. Banchik talks about her journey from graduation to owning multiple dental practices and recently moving to a new state to pursue her dream life. She provides a refreshing perspective of what life is really like after qualifying and the options available, whether that is moving to where the job opportunities are or setting up your own practice. Richard asks Dr. Banchik how she set up and grew multiple successful practices and she is more than happy to share her tips and even her business resources with the Shared Practices community.

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00:00 – 03:10 Show intro with Richard


06:00 – 11:19 Talking with Dr. Banchik about her background in dentistry and her journey to purchasing multiple dental practices.


11:20 – 17:08 Dr. Banchik talks about her first two practices and the turnover the practices generated.


17:09 – 23:58 What allowed Dr. Banchik’s practice to grow and become a success.


23:59 – 34:25 Dr. Banchik’s transition from Las Vegas to North Carolina and the start-up of her new practice.


34:26 – 37:35 Dr. Banchik’s first ten years after graduation and the drive to accomplish her dream life.


37:47 – 47:32 The importance of demographic and competition analysis before committing to a practice location.


49:13 – 53:15 Dr. Banchik shares her next steps after area analysis and how to pick a location and maximize space.


54:15 – 56:28 The implementation of systems and organization to make a practice successful.


56:29 – 59:39 Show outro with Richard