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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Nov 2, 2018

With episode 4 of case acceptance season we welcome back friend of the show Kiera Dent. With 15 years of dental experience, starting out as a dental assistant and transitioning to front office; Kiera has owned three dental offices and now her own consultation business. Kiera has a wealth of knowledge on case acceptance and provides plenty of new insights in this episode.

In this discussion Richard picks Kiera’s brain about her time as an assistant, transitioning to front office and how that informed her current consultancy program. Kiera explains the methodology behind the program and goes in depth on how to communicate properly with your patients. Topics include: alleviating patient fears, utilising your hygienist, best practices for front office and case tracking.



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:: Topic Time Codes ::

Start - 1:11    :   Intro

1:12 – 6:14    :   Kiera’s background and early career

6:15 – 15:12  :   Kiera’s front office program, Dental Masters

15:13 – 18:12:   Kiera’s case acceptance methodology

18:13 – 26:36:   NTDR: engaging with patients for case acceptance

26:37 – 31:17:   Coordinating your team for case acceptance

33:15 – 37:31:   Utilising your hygienist and maximising your time

37:32 – 42:04:   Good practices for synergy with front office

42:05 – 46:15:   Useful techniques in case tracking

46:16 – 57:23:   Improving acceptance rates on larger cases

57:24 – End   :   Outro


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