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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Nov 15, 2018

Episode 6 of Case Acceptance season features an interview with Scott Leune. For the last 8 years, Dr. Leune has lectured to thousands of dental professionals & executives sharing his proven systems, marketing and practice design, leading to consistently sold-out seminars. He has been featured in numerous dental publications and listed as the ‘most-subscribed-to-person’ on DentalTown (the premier online dental community).

In this episode Richard picks Scott’s brain on various topics related to case acceptance, everything from mitigating pushback from treatment coordinators to unpacking the benefits of in-house financing. Scott draws upon his extensive experience as a dental entrepreneur to bring you some perceptive observations throughout this episode.


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:: Topic Time Codes ::


Start – 02:18     Intro

03:34 – 05:51     Catching up with Scott and setting the agenda

05:52 – 12:00     Defining case acceptance and common mistakes accompanying it.

12:01 – 19:56     Techniques to help doctors who struggle with case acceptance.

19:57 – 27:53     Systems that compliment a dentist’s ability to communicate from a ‘sales vs clinical perspective.

27:54 – 30:58     Dealing with pushback from treatment coordinators and towards change in general.

30:59 – 36:18     Proper use of clinical images, and other techniques for building patient trust.

38:51 – 44:08     Preferred systems for consistent diagnosis.

44:09 – 50:50     How to build payment options that help diagnosis and case acceptance.

50:51 – 58:55     Discussing the benefits of in-house financing.

58:56 – 1:05:33  Scott’s Business Masters Seminar, the Level up course and the value of direct learning from your peers.

1:05:34 – End      Final thoughts and Conclusions.