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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Nov 2, 2016

Reese is the founder and CEO of Dentist Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm with an exclusive focus on dentists and specialists.

Since 2003, Reese has devoted his career to helping dentists plan, invest, and retire better. He is a financial planning thought-leader in the dental industry and a popular speaker at dental conventions, continuing education events, and dental districts across the country.

Reese is also the host of the Dentist Money Show: A weekly podcast dedicated to helping dentists make smart financial decisions. Dentists all over the country are using the Dentist Money Show to plan, invest and retire better.

In today's episode we talk about paying down student loans vs saving for a practice and maintaining liquidity.  Does this decision change if the student loans carry a high interest rate?  Listen as Reese shares some key insights into this crucial decision.