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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Jun 30, 2017


Welcome to another episode of the Shared Practices Podcast! Today’s guest is Rick Shneyder, a business banker working in Milwaukee at Bank of the West. We’re really excited about sharing this episode with you. Rick lays out the broad strokes of factors that affect a new grad’s ability to get financing and then, more broadly, how lending works for dentists. Key takeaways include the lending process from top to bottom (including timeframe for each step), advice on financing for multiple locations, and exactly what to look at in the terms of the loan. Rick also shares some tips on how to figure out if your banker knows what they’re doing. All that and more on today’s episode!


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Guest Bio:


Rick was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. He attended UW Milwaukee with an undergraduate degree in Finance (2004) and an MBA with a focus in Leadership & Negotiation (2006). Currently, Rick is a Vice President & Business Banking Officer at Bank Of The West specializing in several areas. He has a focus on Real Estate Financing (Investment & Owner User). Real Estate financing ranges from apartment buildings to medical offices to manufacturing facilities. He is also an expert in Dentistry, Veterinary and Optometry Financing. Within those 3 industries, Rick focuses in on Acquisitions (full or partial), Consolidation Financing, Start Ups, Tenant Improvement Financing and More. Rick is also an expert in providing operating lines of credit and financing company equipment needs.