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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Aug 4, 2017

Welcome to another episode of the Shared Practices Podcast! We had a great interview this week with Dr. Justin Short, a dentist from the St. Louis area and owner of The Lifestyle Practice - a consulting and education company that helps you define and achieve your perfect lifestyle. We’re taking a break this week from the jam-packed, intense-note-taking style episode to give you a show more about mindset and vision for the lifestyle you want. We talk a lot about the idea of developing a vision for your practice and lifestyle, whether multiple practices is the best or only model for reaching that vision, and unintuitive ways to build rapport and case acceptance. One of the big takeaways we got from the show is Justin’s unique take on the power of small teams - it is a pearl that is not to be missed! Thanks again for listening and we’ll catch you next week on the Shared Practices Podcast!


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Dr. Justin Short has a highly successful practice, Des Peres Dentistry in St. Louis.  He inspires other dentists to design their practice to serve their life.  The Lifestyle Practice helps dentists build practices where they work less, profit more, and get to finally enjoy the lifestyle they deserve!