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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


May 31, 2023

Merlin and Andrew continue Merlin's Q&A about all things: mailer. They talk about getting information out of the potential seller, not putting too much pressure on yourself, but that it's all up to you to manage the relationship between you and an off-market-practice seller.


May 29, 2023

Our own Richard Low and Murray Low talk about having crucial conversations sooner rather than later, expecting positive responses, and making your office a better place to work--for everyone.

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Ask the Coaches 👉

May 24, 2023

Merlin, Steven, and Andrew talk about distributing your mailer, staying accountable, and not going too crazy too fast when you find a practice. 



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Ask the Coaches 👉

May 22, 2023

Richard and Caitlin kick off the first Ask the Coaches segment of Coaches Corner. They talk about the resistance from staff when implementing changes, helping staff be happy (even if it means letting them go), and not letting yourself getting jaded throughout the process of acquisition.



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May 17, 2023

Merlin is literally right in the middle of his own mailer campaign.

He asks Steven and Andrew about our super updated 8-part series (go back to December 2022 for more), the beginning stages of a any mailer campaign, and and the joy of finding the one.

All to help Merlin in his very own pursuit of ownership.