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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Dec 21, 2018

On this week’s episode of Shared Practices, our guests are Dr. Danielle Davis and Dr. Austin Davis, two of our listeners from Texas who found their inspiration to start their own practice from listening to our show. They also produce a blog documenting their dental start-up journey, intended to give young dentists an insight into what it is like starting a practice early in your career.

In this episode Danielle and Austin answer questions like, how difficult are the first few years of a dental practice? How do you decide where your practice should be? What do the expenses look like? How many new patients are flowing in? What is the biggest roadblock you will hit? We also talk about Austin’s residency and Danielle’s numerous experiences as an associate. As followers of the show Austin and Danielle also used some of our sponsors in designing their practice and they talk a bit about the advantages of that. Other topics covered are, the hiring process, life as a small town dentist and real-estate costs.


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Dentaltown thread - 2 young, new grads do a startup

Austin and Danielle’s practice -


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01:59 – 04:42   Introducing Austin and Danielle’s story and                                      documenting a start-up.

04:43 – 09:18   Austin’s residency’s, AEGD’s and is the procedure                            mix what he hoped.

09:19 – 12:24   Danielle’s experience with associateships.

12:25 – 17:45   Student debt and small-town dentistry

17:46 – 25:30   Deciding where to start your business and what to                          consider, like patient to practice ratios.

25:31 – 29:42   Demographic reports and how long did it take to                              find their practice.

29:43 – 34:46   Breakaway and the cost/benefit of large                                          real-estate costs for a start-up.

34:47 – 36:00   Design Ergo and obstacles you can face designing                            a new practice.

36:01 – 42:06   Marketing decision and the hiring process.

42:07 – 45:04   Hygienists and more on hiring and retention.

45:05 – 54:34   How the start-up is faring financially so far.

54:35 – 56:49   Final advice and conclusions.