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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Jan 4, 2019

This week’s guest on Shared Practices is Dr. Richard Evangelista. Richard is the CEO and founder of Dentalforce, with over 15 years of proven success in dental practice and dental management. In the last five years, Dentalforce has grown from 5 locations with 30 employees to now over 40 locations with a little over 400 employees. The company is revolutionizing traditional dental management by combining non-traditional systems and customized metrics with hands on implementation and personal development. Dentalforce now supports hundreds of practices with their essential support services and personal coaching.

In this episode Richard discusses how he ended up with so many practices under his belt and the systems he put in place to help him scale his initial business model. He discusses what it is like being based out of the bay area and what hurdles he faced when approaching case acceptance for such a high-level operation. The discussion’s main bulk deals with the interpersonal nature of case acceptance and what tool and mindsets you can use or avoid to help you be more effective.




Richard’s course:


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01:24 – 04:01        An introduction to Richard and how he ended up with 40 practices under his belt.

04:02 – 06:28        What are the logistics like, being based out of California.

06:29 – 07:50        Fee for service practices and why Richard chose that model.

07:51 – 10:29        What did Richard do after his HMO practice post school and how he refined the fee for service model.

10:30 - 13:15        What importance does Richard put on patient attrition and how does he alleviate it.  

13:16 – 16:18       What was the moment Richard realised he could scale his business model and why you should always be open to opportunity.

16:19 – 20:15       Brokered practices versus word of mouth for growth and how Richard managed the high-level growth of his practices.

20:16 - 26:15        How Richard implements systems for multi practice case acceptance and why scripting is vital.  

26:16 – 27:42       A brief overview of Richards seminars on practice management.

27:43 – 32:27       Richard shares some of his insights for interpersonal case acceptance.

32:28 – 34:47       What is the first thing you should say to a patient and knowing when to shut up.

34:48 – 39:16       Richards explains his Diagnosis and treatment planning worksheet and why you should constantly grow your ability to prescribe proper treatment plans.

39:17 - 41:33       What are some common problematic mindsets that you encounter in dentists and how to avoid them yourself.

41:34 – 44:17      The importance of developing your ability to read patients and know when they are resisting treatment.

44:18 – 47:52      The benefits/downfalls of intraoral cameras and other tech versus your own body language and interpersonal skills.

47:53 - 50:47       Richards closing thoughts and conclusions.