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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Jan 25, 2019

This week’s guest is Sandy Pardue, Sandy is a Senior Consultant at Classic Practice Resources and a Lecturer specializing in growing practices and de-stressing practice owners. Sandy is one of the industry’s leading authorities on team training, organization systems and processes. Her years of consulting and speaking experience gives her a unique advantage and understanding of what it takes to motivate teams and create organized, productive practices with less stress for the practice owner.


In this episode Sandy goes over some vital information for practice owners, pertaining to the administrative side of case acceptance and general practice efficiency. We start by defining some key terms and goals, then go into how we can measure them and the most efficient ways of accomplishing them. Sandy covers everything from when to utilise pre-pay methods and why proactive phone out culture is desirable, to the finer points of internal finance communication and good philosophies to build a team around.






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01:53 – 03:43   An introduction to Sandy and a bit about her                                  background.

03:44 – 07:09   How does Sandy define a ‘system’ and why they                              are important.

07:10 – 13:32   Handling the financial schedule in order to                                      counteract broken appointments.

13:33 – 20:05   Setting up a financial report and the uses of health                          credit ratings.

21:57 – 24:59   What metrics should you be tracking and other tips                          for streamlining.

25:00 – 27:44   The importance of finding proactive staff and being                          consistent with phoning out.

27:45 – 30:11   Pre-pay, when and when not to use it.

30:12 – 33:48   Why you should focus on case acceptance.

33:49 – 36:39   How to utilise software with, and some good                                    practices for follow ups.

36:40 – 41:37   Clinician’s roles in treatment conversion.

41:38 – 44:29   Some finer points on internal finance                                              communication.

44:30 – 46:10   How Sandy’s programme can assist practices with                            staff changes.

46:11 – 47:34   Final points on building a team.