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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Feb 1, 2019

This week on Shared Practices we are joined by Laura and Michael from Wonderist. Wonderist Agency was started by Laura Maly at a kitchen table in Los Angeles as a small, one-woman marketing consulting group. Two years later, it got wings when Michael joined the team, and a full-service agency was born. Since then, Wonderist Agency has been dedicated to providing data-driven results and personalized design in a marketing landscape that is all too often cookie cutter or old school. 

In the discussion we talk about how marketing can be used as a tool for case acceptance and how precisely you can accomplish this. From the landing page on your website to talking about the traffic on your way to work, Laura and Michael give some sound advice on what to share and how to balance it with the rest of your work.


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00:00 - 06:21   Introduction to the episode

08:16 – 14:15   Introducing Laura, Michael and Wonderist.


14:16 – 16:14     How do you build trust online and the continuity of experience as a goal.


16:15 – 17:56   How does marketing relate to case acceptance.


17:57 – 21:00   Proper utilisation of images and video.


21:01 – 23:06   How prevalent is the problem of a negative culture and how you can mitigate it.


23:07 – 26:16   Figuring out your brand.


26:17 – 29:53   Balancing quality with quantity on social media.


29:54 – 32:06   Deciding what to share online.


33:09 – 42:28   Communicating your message through testimonials and social media.


42:29 – 43:20  Can you develop a system for social media that is easy for a team to adopt.


43:21 – 46:03   Different platforms and where to put your content.


46:04 – 54:20   Wonderist’s online consultancy programme and more on using video.


54:21 – 55:46  Educating patients through marketing.


55:47 – 59:29   Some final thoughts and conclusions.


59:29 - 1:02:27 Outro