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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Mar 15, 2019

Adam is the VP of Marketing at Spear Education, was instrumental in the development of Spear’s online education platform and has worked in a variety of industries, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Adam has experience building exceptional organizations in a variety of business climates. He chaired the College Relations Committee for the Greater Phoenix chapter of the National Society for Human Resource Management. 

Recently he Co-Authored the book ‘Case Acceptance in the Modern Dental Practice’ with Dr. Frank Spear.  Request copy of the book here

In this interview with Adam, Richard delves deeper into the Spear Methodologies contained within the Book, the guys workshop some hypothetical scenarios and figure out some of the roadblocks people can encounter. As opposed to the last episode with Adam this one is more in depth and features many practical examples and techniques that you can start to use immediately to improve your case acceptance.



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::Topic Timecodes::

00:00 – 01:55   Episode intro with Richard


03:47 – 06:23   Discussing the previous episode that Adam was on and why it was good.


06:24 – 10:53   What Adam wanted to achieve with the case acceptance book, explaining co-discovery and some of the main obstacles to case acceptance.


10:54 – 13:13   The necessity of selling in a healthcare environment and dealing with the ethics question.


13:14 – 16:11   Workshopping some communication techniques.


16:12 – 20:51   Alleviating cognitive dissonance in your patients.


20:52 – 23:46   Using a check list, and the Persuasion/Knowledge model.


23:47 – 29:15   The Elaboration/Likelihood model explained and some things to consider when attempting persuasion techniques.


30:18 – 34:58   Skills you need when swaying high elaboration patients.


34:59 – 39:48   Richard tries some of the phraseology out on Adam.


39:49 – 45:04   How can we expedite case acceptance with language, when presenting options.


45:05 – 45:57   Using numbered prioritisation methods for patient understanding.


45:58 – 50:56   Bringing up past diagnosis with repeat, high elaboration patients.


50:57 – 54:11   Final thoughts and reflections on the discussion, with Adam and Richard.