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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Jul 26, 2019

Episode 4-42 

Trials, Tribulations, and Growth of Practice Ownership with Dr Megan Timm


To follow up or flashback episode last week, we brought Dr Megan Timm back on for an update episode! We love how bold she was buying two practice's straight out from school and we needed to hear how things were going. Dr Timm was very candid throughout sharing about her growth and speed bumps along the way. Quite a few pearls were giving about buying A/R, having crucial conversations, and getting staff to buy in.




Megan (Vogel) Timm grew up in Williamsburg, Iowa. She is a 2010 graduate of Williamsburg High School, after which she attended Mount Mercy University and received her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. Dr. Megan then received her DDS from The University of Iowa College of Dentistry. Because she loved growing up in a small town, Megan was thrilled to have the opportunity to return home in Eastern Iowa.


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