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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Nov 9, 2018

It’s episode 5 of case acceptance season. This week George interviews Charles Biami, Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist at Driven Dental Implant Marketing, Charles specializes in high value implant patients who require a more extensive treatment plan. The conversation covers Charles’ marketing approach to case acceptance and he goes in to detail about how he coaches teams to handle higher value cases and be motivated to adopt new strategies. Charles also talks about the best practices when on the phone to patients the pitfalls of working with the high end of risk reward patients. With a huge bank of personal knowledge, Charles plies us with endless nuggets of insight in this jam-packed episode of Shared Practices.


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Start – 02:00: Intro

02:01 – 04:41: Charles talks about his background and what he does.

04:42 – 10:57: The marketing perspective, patient differentiation and what is a lead?

10:58 – 15:14: The coaching process, presenting affordability and financial options.

15:15 – 18:53: Best practices for booking a consultation.

18:54 – 21:05: Patient experience and motivation.

21:06 – 26:24: How to handle ‘the cost conversation’.

26:25 – 30:29: The pitfalls of high-end treatment conversion.

30:30 – 34:27: Categories of implant patients and framing the solution.

34:28 – 39:45: Making the most of a campaign and incentivizing your team.

39:46 – 42:20: Numbers to pay attention to and managing expectations.

42:21 – 44:15: Final conclusions

44:16 – End: Outro