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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Jun 28, 2019

Episode 4-38

What Ethical Sales with Ashley Latter

Shared Practices goes international and brings on a infectious accent to talk about how your dental office should be thinking about sales. We are proud to have Ashley Latter of international fame on the show. Ashley has prior experience with the Dale Carnegie organization and now runs his own dental sales training business. 

Ever had the tough patient that can't seem to ever get over how expensive dentistry is? You start feeling sorry for yourself because maybe that patient is right, dentistry is too expensive. Ashley comes on the show to whip you into shape! Make you see the value that you are adding into people's lives! Repairing function, treating them well, and showing them the right journey that they should travel along to a healthier mouth. 

Ashley believes that the team needs to be shown that they are in sales -- ethical sales -- and making those sales is HELPING patients. You'll be able to find the patient's that are in the right point in their journey by asking three simple questions.

Ashley leaves us with how dentist's can learn so much from visiting high end restaurants and made me realize I have to take my wife to Ruth Chris!



 Ashley Latter started his business coaching career working for the legendary Dale Carnegie Training Organization. He was a four-course instructor and an International Master Trainer. He traveled extensively worldwide, coaching delegates to become trainers. This is the highest position that can be bestowed on a Dale Carnegie careerist.

In 1997 two dentists took part on Ashley’s Two Day Ethical Sales and Communication Program in Manchester. Since then, tens of thousands of delegates, comprising of dentists, orthodontists, treatment coordinators, specialists, and other team members have now taken this program in fourteen countries worldwide. Ashley has soon delivered over 26,000 hours of business coaching to the dental industry all over the world. He is simply the best at empowering dentists, orthodontists, and their teams to communicate with their patients.

Ashley has a unique process which includes sharing proven strategies and coaching delegates in a fun and positive way, allowing them to develop new skills, behaviors, and increased levels of self-confidence. This process allows for improved performance in practice and improved results.

Ashley has written three books including, ‘Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy,’ and ‘You Are Worth it’ He has also contributed to the Dental Masters Series

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