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Jul 12, 2019

Episode 4-40 

Marketing Is Everything with Vicki McManus

I’m excited to talk to Vicki McManus at the Productive Dentist Academy Event; recording live in front of a workshop class here at the event. The audience has a list of marketing-related questions piled high and ready for Vicky’s answers!

The first question is about review services. What is the best and most cost-effective option? Make sure to vet any paid service before you purchase the service. If you have a paid service, you can funnel your reviews through the service. Two vital components: service must be via text, and we like, and use Swell.

Next, how can you get your team members on board with your marketing program? Give customer service that “Wows!”. Create a buzz in your practice, make sure it’s patient-centric, and the energy from your practice flows out into the community. Ask for referrals and testimonials from your current clients. Allow team members to be an ambassador and speak about your practice. Vicki recommends hosting two community events a year, such as a patient appreciation party.

Lastly, how do you balance the marketing when it comes to brand management? Make sure you understand your brand and what you stand for. Vicky suggests being known for comprehensive care under one roof. Membership plans are becoming very popular with dental patients. She recommends a membership plan which rewards healthy patients — marketing lifestyle and the benefits of your patient’s life.



Vicki practiced clinically as a dental assistant for 13 years and continued her education in marketing, finance, and business management. While practicing, she saw an opportunity to arise within dentistry in the area of marketing and running a business. Dentists and healthcare providers all over the country were owning and operating their practices but knew little about running a successful business. She saw a need and came up with a business plan to fill that need better more effectively than other marketing companies.

Today, as the CEO of two rapidly growing companies in the industry, she is proud to say that she is "All in!" 


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