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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Aug 2, 2019


Nothing Is off the Table, You Can Have Anything You Want

Practice Under Water brings together dentist and dental practices into our interview space, with a twist! For our new Practice Under Water episodes, Dr Hariri and Dr Guarino will be diving (pun intended!) to the deep end of the swimming pool with mystery guests. They will ask them driving questions to find out how they are growing their business, mistakes they’ve made and how our guests have made their comeback through trial and error.


Dentistry can be a tough career on a daily basis. We all struggle through issues which hold us back, and, with Practice Under Water, our guests will be anonymous. This lends our guests to tell all, give confidential information about the inner workings of their practice. We want this show to be open and uninhibited for you to receive the best takeaways from each episode. Practice Under Water is designed to enhance the dentist's lives by moving past difficulties to experience joy.


What is your job? Be honest and declare what you want. Your coach should have your back and be there for you to support you and move you forward. Calling you out on what you need to do to make your practice work well is their job.


We talk back and forth about holes in our practices, how we worked through our decisions, and why you can leave scarcity behind with a coach. How do you know you’re ready, especially with hygiene?  Making uncomfortable decisions is the next step to being a leader in your practice. Accepting less than excellent results doesn’t lead to growth. Get through your discomfort to get to your goals. Make significant changes by tying them to identity. See your actions through this lens.


Would you like to be a guest on the show?


Copy and paste these questions on the email. 



Tell us: 

  1. About your practice: number of employees, their roles, your location, number of chairs, what procedures you obtain your income from
  2. Goals for your practice
  3. Vision where you would like your practice to be, where you would like to go
  4. Where do you believe you are falling short in your practice?
  5. How are you getting in your own way?
  6. Why isn’t the practice performing the way you would like?
  7. What would you like coaching for?