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Nov 29, 2019

PUW 18

Practice Under Water | Mystery Guest “Tom” Part II

Don't Ride the High of New Practice Ownership


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<p>Continuing from last week's consulting session with Tom, George now leans into the coaching side of things:</p>

<p>How can Tom 'start with why' when getting his team to accept big changes?</p>

<p>How can Tom get a constant, sustainable stream of new patients?</p>

<p>When he finds that Tom is so willing to accept his guidance, George lays down even more golden nuggets of information in this week's episode.</p>

<p>Some helpful golden nugget quotes below:</p>

<p>"The reappointment rate in the hygiene chair is immensely higher than the reappointment rate at the front desk."</p>
<p>- George 2:37</p>

<p>"...and if you see her making that next appointment, do not interrupt her. Wait for her to finish making that appointment."</p><p>- George 9:27</p>

<p>"If you're gonna remember anything from this interview it's this: start with why...always begin with the reason before the request."</p>
<p>- George 6:28</p>

<p>"If they don't make their next appointment, there's a 10% chance that they're gonna come back on time."</p>

<p>- George (regarding patients who leave without making an appointment) 8:09</p>


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