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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Aug 10, 2018

Welcome to back to the Shared Practices Podcast! This week our guest is Wayne Oplinger. Wayne is a transitions analyst at Benco Dental. He helps buyers, sellers, and young associates either finding jobs or practices to purchase. During the interview George and Wayne talk about what buyers should be looking for in a practice to purchase. Wayne strives to dive deeper into asking key questions for both buyers and sellers during practice transitions. Thanks for listening to this week’s episode of the Shared Practices Podcast!


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Wayne Oplinger is a transitions analyst for Benco Dental. He started with Benco Dental as a local Territory Representative in 2011, covering Westchester County NY, Southern CT and Northern NJ. After 3 years, he successfully built his territory sales in excess of $3 million dollars.

After 4 years, Benco Dental asked Wayne to take on a new position, Practice Transitions Analyst. In this capacity, Wayne would be the single point of contact for Benco customers by developing customized transition solutions. Prior to joining Benco Dental, Wayne was a small business owner for over 15 years. In addition to being a transitions resource for dentists throughout the country, Wayne is well sought out speaker, speaking at major dental meetings, local study clubs, as well as dental schools.