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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Nov 23, 2018

Welcome back to episode seven of this season of Shared Practices. This week we interview David Ahearn of Design Ergonomics, who you may recognize as a frequent sponsor of the show. David is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. Studying ergonomics in dentistry over the years with the assistance of ergonomists from NASA, Industry and with engineering consultants from universities such as M.I.T. and R.I.S.D. Today he actively councils dentists regarding office functional layout and its effects on performance and staff well-being.

David takes us on a journey through his younger years all the way through to his ideal retirement in this story filled episode. Learn how David started a practice, literally from scratch, in 110 days. How he began making his own equipment with folks from NASA, how Design Ergonomics helps dentists today and the whole episode is filled with useful tips and recommendations about starting and growing your practice effectively. Be sure to listen all the way through as David offers Shared Practices listeners a couple of exciting opportunities towards the end.


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:: Topic Time Codes ::


Start  – 01:36:        Intro.

02:59 – 08:34:        David’s introduction to Dentistry (the list of a                                    thousand jobs).

08:35 – 14:34:        How David started a practice from just a plot of                                  land, in 110 days!

14:33 – 16:41:        Making your own equipment.

16:42 – 18:41:        The psychology of spaciousness.

18:42 – 22:27:        The catalyst for David starting Design                                                Ergonomics.

22:28 – 25:24:        Financial advisors, constant improvement and                                    why you should chase progress.

25:25 – 32:00:        Tips for designing a practice from scratch and                                    scaling it effectively.

33:03 – 38:43:        Recommendations for a practices square footage                                and how David can help.

38:44 – 47:08:        How to get the most out of re-modelling an                                        existing practice.

47:09 – 50:30:        Coaching requirements, dentists vs staff.

50:31 – 53:00:        Tips for Dentists looking to own a practice in                                      future.

53:01 – 56:39:        A special opportunity for Shared Practices                                          listeners.

56:40 – 1:01:29:     Interview final thoughts + goodbye.

1:01:30 – End:        Outro and conclusions.