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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Sep 18, 2023

Dr. Steven Vorholt shares his journey from following other dentists on Instagram to speaking at a doctor's meeting for the Shared Practices Group. Dr. Vorholt talks about his initial ignorance about the group's expansion and how his research before a phone call with the Chief Operations Officer, Dr. Matt Guarino, led him to a better understanding of the organization. He reveals the quick and efficient strategies of the group for starting new locations by finding already plumbed and vacant dental offices, which struck a chord with him and initiated a conversation with Matt Ford, the Business Development Officer.

Dr. Vorholt discusses the factors that influenced his interest in Shared Practices Group, including the doctor-led philosophy, enticing doctor retention model, and the speed of their operations compared to other implant-centered DSOs. He also shares his personal motivations for considering a move to California, expressing appreciation for the group's willingness to operate there despite the challenges faced by other DSOs.