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Aug 9, 2019


Practice Under Water


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Practice Under Water brings together dentists and dental practices into our interview space, with a twist! For our new Practice Under Water episodes, George and Matt will be diving (pun intended!) to the deep end of the swimming pool with mystery guests. They will ask them driving questions to find out how they are growing their business, mistakes they've made and how our guests have made their comeback through trial and error. Practice Under Water is designed to enhance the dentist's lives by moving past difficulties to experience joy.


Get your notebook and pen out for this packed-full-of-information episode! Today we are having an informative conversation with Rohit, one of the founders of Practice By Numbers software. Practice By Numbers is a game-changer for the business side of your practice.


Rohit's background is in engineering; and, while he was working as an engineer, his wife opened her own dental practice. Rohit supported his wife while she was building her practice, assisting her with the numbers side of the business. He would spend many hours figuring out the financials for her practice. Rohit realized there was a need for software to automate the business side of dentistry and developed Practice By Numbers in 2016.


Are you ready? We are taking you on a Practice By Numbers dashboard journey, where we will delve into why Rohit chose the metrics for his software, how the dashboard is set up and how valuable Practice By Numbers is for your dental practice.


We converse about collections, scheduling, and how to look at the numbers. Learn how you can be proactive and measure metrics in your business. Three positions we look at with this software are: Where you are, where you want to be, and how can you take action to get there. With these metrics, you can now project your future earnings for your practice. We walk you through real examples and how you can build your practice with this fantastic software. After using Practice By Numbers, you’ll wonder how you ever practiced without it!


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  2. Goals for your practice
  3. A vision where you would like your practice to be, where you would like to go
  4. Where do you believe you are falling short in your practice?
  5. How are you getting in your own way?
  6. Why isn’t the practice performing the way you would like?
  7. What would you like coaching for?


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