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Dec 5, 2022

Richard Low and Shared Practices’ resident digital ad specialist Dylan Kornberg talk about what we’ve learned building out our own brick-and-mortar presence using online ads, what works and what doesn’t with search engine marketing, and why we’re ecstatic bringing these proven services to our clients.


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Nov 30, 2022

Andrew and Dr. Alex Sharp talk about stepping away from clinical, knowing what not to buy, and unifying teams when your goal is to own a profitable group.


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Nov 28, 2022

Matt and George talk about recession-proofing your practice. Keeping the macro and industry-specific picture in mind, we talk about how declining currency values, patient demographics, and case acceptance will change in dentistry in the coming years.


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Nov 23, 2022

Steven is again joined by Dr. Matt Ford and Rich Andrus. They talk about the first thing you do as you exercise first right of refusal, why paying for HVAC or something is not unusual even when you're renting the space, and ultimately why you ALWAYS need to make sure your practice is the driving force behind your...

Nov 21, 2022

This will scare you away from doing a startup. You can’t get from-the-ground-up’er than this. Richard is again joined by Dr. Chris Merkley. They talk about the buying the plot of land, zoning it, building the building, and the disasters of building the practice inside the building, plus way more.


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