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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Jul 31, 2020

Ashley Joves joins the show again as she and George reveal her actual analytics for Smile & Co. Ashley is on a hiring spree because she, herself, wants particular work hours. As she and George go into the Practice By Numbers, they reveal an unexpected problem that forces her plan to pivot.

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Jul 29, 2020

"Tapatío" joins Tyler and George today. He and his fiancée are both dentists and they think they've found gold in a broker's listing of two practices--that share an office building and staff. This could be the ultimately acquisition for a husband-wife dentist team. George sees the practice has high collections, but...

Jul 27, 2020

The season of Leadership, Culture, and Change takes an interesting turn as Richard, Tyler, and Payton start a book club. These three self help junkies share what parts of what books impacted them the most. Interested in more Book Club segments? Want us to never do this again? Either way, let us know on the Facebook group!

Jul 24, 2020

After Covid interrupted her 7-month-old startup, Katie has to make a decision: stay overly cautious, or reach her $80k/month production goals so she can take home around $400k. She's been safely hoarding cash for a while, and Matt opens her eyes to the new possibilities ahead.


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Jul 22, 2020

Recent graduate "Michael Scarn" joins us today for this reference-ridden episode of The Pursuit of Ownership: Threat Level Midnight. He has the drive and passion to buy a practice. But hasn't touched a handpiece since the beginning of Covid. Should he focus his resources on getting an associateship, or getting a practice?