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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Dec 31, 2021

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Matt and Alex reflect on 2021 personally and professionally. Pivoting, work-life balance, health, family...nothing is off the table today. As you see fit, we want you to implement some of these tactics into your own lives in 2022 and...

Dec 29, 2021

Andrew catches up with our very own Clay Schwinke. Since he's living proof of the Shared Practices philosophy, it's important to us that our audience knows his recent developments. We catch up with Clay about the important, the practice he bought during dental school, training his team, and becoming a father.


Dec 27, 2021

As George and Alex simulcast to the Dental Investment Group, we catch you up on our DSO developments, the evolution of our offerings, and why we're pivoting away from in-person events.


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Dec 24, 2021

To be an anonymous guest on Practice Under Water, contact

Phil Lopez, from Dr. Genius, shares phase-based tips for growth. It doesn't stop at what he calls Digital Due Diligence. Suzanne digs farther as they talk making trustworthy content (hint: not from a content mill), SEO, and how...

Dec 22, 2021

With an energy we haven't seen before, last weekend's in-person Pre-owner event left us wondering: What's the future of live events? After discussing, They open up about the opportunity of ugly duckling phases, and of course: the metrics that matter most for Pre-owners.

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