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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Nov 29, 2023

Part 2 delves deeper into Andrew's experiences post-acquisition. Here, Andrew shares the early stages of running his practice, including adapting to new responsibilities and unexpected challenges. This episode focuses on the transition from closing the deal to actual practice management, providing listeners with...

Nov 27, 2023

Shared Practices' very own coaches Caitlin and Danielle continue our series on dental assistants. Are you underutilizing your assistants? Do you even know how to empower them to do more? We're diving into what a good dental assistant does day in and day out.

You'll hear a lot more great content in Part 3 as well, so...

Nov 20, 2023

Richard Low sits down with Brannon Moncrief of McLerran + Associates. Brannon, with over two decades in the dental industry, discusses the evolution of his firm from a small Texas-based practice brokerage to a leader in DSO and private equity transactions.

We talk about the complexities with selling to DSOs, and...

Nov 15, 2023

Merlin chats with Andrew, exploring his journey from dental student to practice owner. Andrew candidly discusses the hurdles and highlights of his final year in dental school and the steps he took towards acquiring his own practice. His insights on the intricacies of closing on a practice, from negotiations to...

Nov 13, 2023

Ask the Coaches 👉

Shared Practices' Suzanne Rassy and Traci Roland host Dr. Blake Anderson as they talk about his inspiring journey from graduating in 2021 to owning a practice.

With his father as a role model in private dental practice, Dr. Blake always envisioned owning his...