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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Jun 28, 2019

Episode 4-38

What Ethical Sales with Ashley Latter

Shared Practices goes international and brings on a infectious accent to talk about how your dental office should be thinking about sales. We are proud to have Ashley Latter of international fame on the show. Ashley has prior experience with the Dale Carnegie...

Jun 21, 2019

Episode 4-37

Dr. Erin Elliott Talks Case Acceptance and Sleep Dentistry

Continuation of last weeks episode! 

Dr Elliott shares her realization of how understanding what the patient's objective was the key to overcoming barriers and getting the patient to say yes. She simplifies the process down to three essential...

Jun 14, 2019

Episode 4-36

Dr. Erin Elliott

Dr Erin Elliot from 3D Dentists makes her debut on the Shared Practices show. We are more than excited to finally have this rockstar in the dental world tell us about her journey. This is one of those interviews where we get a real, candid view into the life of trying to juggle being...

Jun 7, 2019

Episode 4-35

Dr. Zak Allmand and Apex Payment Solutions

Dr. Erin Elliot introduced me to Dr. Zak Allmand and said “You have to interview Zak. We switched to his company and it’s helped our case acceptance.”  So I interviewed him and had a blast.

We talk about how Zak made the spontaneous decision to buy a practice...