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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Jun 17, 2024

Richard and Traci are joined by Dr. Amanda Reimer Chang. She just went from an associate to being the proud owner of a rapidly growing practice. Discover how Amanda (and Traci) made it happen. 

Jun 12, 2024

Merlin Erickson and Dr. Richard Low team up on The Pursuit of Ownership. Today we dig into the challenges of being an executive with ADHD. Richard shares his personal journey, revealing how he turned an executive function disorder into a strength. From practical tips to surprising insights, learn how to turn...

Jun 10, 2024

Dr. Matt Ford is joined by dental students (and Analytics-based Pre-ownership attendees) Mohammed and Santino in Scottsdale, Arizona. We talk about the steps to transitioning from dental school to practice ownership. Mohammed and Santino talk about their firsthand experiences, financial literacy, team culture,...

Jun 3, 2024

Richard Low and Caitlin dig into the metrics that matter when assessing a dentist's performance. We're looking at the often-overlooked topic of self-evaluation and identifying, one of our favorite works here at Shared Practices: bottlenecks that may be messing up your growth. 

May 29, 2024

Our very own Dr. Matt Ford and soon-to-be Dr. Merlin Erickson talk with special guest Nik. They talk about the grueling (but worth it) road from dental school straight to practice ownership.

Learn financing specifics, the importance of building a stable patient base, and probably most of all: strategic...