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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Jun 16, 2017

Show Notes

Kiera Dent is a dental consultant and she joins us on today’s episode of the Shared Practices Podcast. We talk a little about her journey into dentistry, but quickly jump into some practical advice for owners and soon-to-be owners. In this conversation we touch on how to find an associateship (that doesn’t suck), learning how to communicate and educate patients in a way they can understand, and helping dentists bridge the gap between dental school and practice ownership. Kiera also touches on the importance of credentialing, which - trust us - makes a bigger impact than you might think! All this and more on today’s episode of the Shared Practices Podcast.


Links Mentioned on the Show

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“Never Eat Alone” book (Amazon)

Guest Bio

Kiera works with dentists and their teams to help uncover what changes can be implemented in a practice to create the most financial growth. She has been involved in dentistry for 15 years and is passionate about acting as a means to help practice owners achieve higher levels of success. She acts as an implementer and goes between dentists and their teams to hold everyone accountable for their individual part in achieving specific goals.