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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Dec 28, 2018

This week on Shared Practices our guest is Wade Pilling. Wade graduated in 2005 from the University of Louisville and has grown 2 practices that both produce over 7 figures by mastering the technique of large treatment plan acceptances. Wade also has advanced training in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, lectures across the country and has great expertise in high production, low volume practices.

In this episode Wade talks with Richard about the finer points of long-term treatment plan case acceptance. Everything from hiring the right team to outsourcing your marketing and how to communicate with your patients. Wade talks about his recent trip to Ethiopia and dental missionary work, how difficult high-volume dentistry is in a third world nation and some of the challenges he faced. Wade gives some advice about photography and how it can help case acceptance a long with some analogies you can give patients to help your ability to positively explain your treatment.



Wade’s LinkedIn - /in/cosmeticdentistidaho/

Wade’s Twitter - /drwadepilling




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02:07 – 05:10   Introducing Wade and what he is doing currently

05:11 – 09:10   Wade describes his practice, discusses what                                    procedures he focuses on and talks about finding                            your niche as a dentist.

09:11 – 11:17   How the real estate crash affected Wade and how                            he recovered.

11:18 – 16:27   What are Some of Wade’s techniques for getting                              patients to accept elective treatment?

16:28 – 22:35   Knowing when to pull back in pitching to a patient                            and how it can help with patient relationships.

24:58 – 30:36   How does Wade help patients with financial issues                          and how to present finances positively.

30:37 – 32:07   Wade talks about his team building process and                              what you should look for when building a team.

32:08 – 34:47   Some analogies you can use when talking to                                    patients.

34:48 – 36:18   What consultation tools does Wade recommend.

36:19 – 38:45   Wade gives us some tips on how you can use                                  photography to help your case acceptance

38:46 – 42:48   Filling the gaps in your skillset with the right staff                            choices.

42:49 – 50:29   Wade’s trip to Ethiopia and the challenges of                                  dentistry in the third world.