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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Dec 14, 2018

This week’s guest on Shared Practices is Paul Edwards, CEO of CEDR HR Solutions and now a management expert and a well-known healthcare-industry speaker. CEDR have for almost a decade been helping dentistry practices with HR solutions in all fifty states. Helping dentists put enforceable employee policies in place so you can stay compliant with all employment laws in your state and simplify your daily operations.

In this episode George and Paul cover a wide range of topics related to HR in dentistry. Paul explains what CEDR do and how they help different practices, before going into further depth of why a preventative mindset is the right way to approach setting up your company policies. George asks about various topics including employee coaching, structuring associate agreements, employee classification and retention of staff. Paul tells some great anecdotes to back up his points and gives some really good advice for young dentists, anyone who is starting a new practice or reviewing their HR policies.


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00:00 – 02:02  :  Introduction to the episode and of Paul Edwards.

03:50 – 06:12  :  Who are CEDR HR Solutions and a brief history of                            the company.

06:13 – 09:54  :  The main ways CEDR help practices, from                                      employee handbooks and ongoing HR support, to                            state regulation and proprietary software.

09:55 – 14:30  :  The importance of young dentists learning their                              HR responsibilities and some lessons for starting                              a practice.

14:31 – 21:51  :  Why you should have a bespoke employee                                      handbook, operational simplicity vs protection                                from litigation.

21:52 – 27:39  :  Some examples of HR issues you can face even                              with a good system in place.

28:55 – 35:25  :  Handling recurring issues with employees and                                progressive corrective coaching.

35:26 – 37:48  :  Some issues CEDR don’t handle and why you                                  should emphasize prevention.

37:49 – 44:33  :  How to structure an associate agreement and                                  some notes on employee classification.

44:34 – 47:15  :  Tracking associate growth and how to help retain                            and train associates.

47:16 – 49:10  :  The importance of constant growth as a team.

49:11 – 51:01  :  Paul’s final thought’s and contact details.

51:02 – 53:47  :  Richard and George’s conclusions.